Non-invasive and non-thermal treatments

EnerJet takes your practice to the next level and meets your patients’ expectations.

Why EnerJet is a revolutionary technology?

Repairs and revitalizes the skin from the inside out

EnerJet is a game-changer in dermal remodelling. It is a needle-free system that uses a high-pressure jet to release a therapeutic solution into the dermis with minimal epidermal damage. It creates a 3D BLAST of tissue material that stimulates natural neocollagenesis and neoelastinogenesis.

This innovative approach delivers exceptional clinical results, fast recovery and comfortable treatments. EnerJet is indicated to be used with hyaluronic acid (HA) to treat post-acne scars and with corticosteroids for keloids and hypertrophic scars. It is clinically proven and supported by more than 20 publications in the most renowned scientific journals.

EnerJet provides a pioneering treatment that will distinguish you as a leader in skin remodelling.

What can EnerJet do?

EnerJet is a unique technology for natural dermal remodelling using high pressure that releases a therapeutic solution, in the skin, with minimal epidermal damage.

Take your practice to the next level and meet your patients’ expectations.

It is the only technology that combines both physical and biochemical actions, increasing the synergy between the energy-based device and therapeutic compounds, and stimulating neocollagenesis.

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