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The EnerJet system’s flexibility allows the introduction of different therapeutic solutions with its unique technology that presses down on a specific scar area and initiates natural wound-healing, improving their volume, rigidity, and texture, and minimizing the pain associated before, during and post-treatment.

Acne Treatment

The EnerJet Acne Scars treatment can help improve the appearance of all acne scar subtypes. It requires minimal downtime and can be carried out on all skin types, year-round. EnerJet has shown promising results and may address most of the limitations of existing alternative treatment modalities, and can be used in combination with other devices.

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Hypertrophic and Keloids

EnerJet provides a safe, effective significantly reduced pain treatment of keloids in various anatomical locations. The EnerJet microscopic traumatic pressure leads to mechanical tear of disorganized scar tissues following with shutdown of micro-vasculature. The synergetic effect with suppression of chronic inflammation by Corticosteroids leads to fibroblast apoptosis and inhibition of cell proliferation.

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The EnerJet provides a great solution to many indications I treat on a daily basis, such as acne scars, lifting and regeneration. The treatment is easy to perform, fast and elegant and it is also relatively painless.

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